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The truth about Jay-Z and Beyonce

“I want to really explain how grimey the music industry goes about preserving they’re superiority over upcoming artists, and exactly why I don’t f*ck with them”…. First of all, let it be known, I don’t particularly like to single people out, because I know they

The #WanderingEye Of ChannelRhodopsin

Abuse science & technology. I see the #WanderingEye of ChannelRhodopsin Apparently, with over a million views everyone is excited to hear from the lately elusive Julian Assange. We noticed there’s been a small bit of backlash as to the authenticity of this interview. Well at

Assassin’s Creed Technology Was Not A Game

Everyone enjoys escaping to the world of video games, but imagine when your reality becomes someone’s video game, particularly in this case, “Assassin’s Creed”. As you know at YouAFool.com we make it a habit of bringing things to the people’s attention that they may not


Technology is advancing at a tremendous pace. Were happy to bring to you another edition of YouAFool.com’s very own BrainHack 101: The M.I.T. Human Engineered Memory Manipulating Virus. As preposterous as it sounds we assure you it’s very true, in fact we’ve included a video

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